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Treatment for Neuropathy

Neuropathy Symptoms

Neuropathy symptoms are usually chronic which includes chronic foot pain, burning in the leg and feet, sharp foot pain, pins and needles, difficult to walk do to inability to feel your feet, loss of balance, stabbing leg pain, electric shooting pain, freezing, throbbing and shooting pains. It is often worst at night. It can develop soddening as with an injury or gradually over time as with diabetes or taking statin type drugs.

Neuropathy Causes

Peripheral Neuropathy usually occurs when nerves are inflamed, damaged or destroyed and cannot send messages to the muscle, tendons, skin and other parts of the legs, feet, arms, and hands. Peripheral nerves communicate with the brain trough the spinal nerves in the spinal column through the peripheral nerves to the arms, hands, legs, and feet. Neuropathy can be caused by several conditions such as diabetes which makes up over 70% of all neuropathy cases, Statin drugs such a Lipitor will have a large portion of patients suffering from neuropathy. Alcohol abuse, chemotherapy, vitamin deficiency may also be causes of Neuropathy. Multiple sclerosis, strokes, kidney problems, liver problems, and poor circulation are also causes of Polyneuropathy. Mononeuropathy is only one nerve or nerve group due to trauma, injury, local compression, prolonged pressure as well as simple nerve entrapments. Inflammation is usually involved in all types of Neuropathy.

Our True Health Protocol

Allopathic medicine or the typical approach is to treat the patient’s symptoms instead of the underlying causes. Conventional treatment has been treating the patient with medication such as Lyrica and Gabapentin which has a large number of serious side effects. These medications are to control the symptoms over the life of the patient. Other therapies include electrical chemical medication with electrical stimulation for pain control. Integrated nerve block surgery is also used. Amputation is often seen I diabetic cases of severe neuropathy.

Our treatment goes beyond pain management of the patient neuropathy symptoms.  Our treatment can provide restorative results that go beyond pain management for patients with complex neuropathic issues that aren’t responding to traditional protocols or patients who want a healthier and safer way with having to rely on narcotic solutions. Neuropathy is often a life altering condition; we understand and support our patients with the best treatment protocols, education, and compassion.


The treatment for peripheral neuropathy is designed to treat the patient’s causes of their disease or dis-ease. There are six phases a patient will proceed for immediate pain relief, decrease nerve pain, stimulation of the blood supply, create new blood vessels, vibration, certified therapeutic  essential  oil wraps to reduce inflammation, nutritional education with nutritional meal planning  and supplementation to reduce the main cause of neuropathy being inflammation! Patients will not only see their symptoms disappear but the disease causing their symptoms improve and reverse.  Temecula Neuropathy treatment system with our highly trained staff with your hard work and determination is your best solution available to improve your condition and live the life you deserve.

Treatment includes FDA approved electro-medical devises for pain management and neuropathy. LED light therapy emitting diode lights designed specify for legs, feet, arms and hands to improve overall blood circulation by initiating the release of nitric-oxide.  Cutting edge Cold laser therapy is also used with the LED light therapies to improve circulation by bringing more oxygen and nutrients which stimulates angiogenesis (the formation of new blood vessels).

The laser is able to travel deeper and penetrates your body than any other modality. Vibration with light exercise can help with increase stimulation and aids in balance.  Education and implementing the need to take charge of your health though nutrition and lifestyle will reverse the Inflammation your body which is the root of most neuropathies.  The latest research shows that Inflammation is the cause of most disease.  People with peripheral neuropathy have chronic inflammation in the nerves, blood vessels, muscles, and skin. Through nutritional education, eating nutrient dense foods, proper supplementation and lifestyle changes you can play a more dynamic  role in healing and reversing your condition and living a life you deserve.