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Neuropathy Nutrition in Temecula

Nutrition Program, Get Healthy!

It should come as no surprise that nutrition and following a healthful eating plan is a mainstay of preventing nerve damage in the first place. By controlling your portions, carbohydrate intake and blood sugars can limit or even prevent nerve damage. Make sure your eating plan includes a variety of foods. We can help you get on track with your eating creating a meal plan that includes a variety of foods and supplements.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is common among people who take metformin and among older adults. A lack of this vitamin may worsen peripheral neuropathy.  Other vitamins, herbs, and supplements will be beneficial to a speedy recovery. The Doctor will go over what the best foods to include in your diet.

If you have neuropathy and pain is a concern, nutrition is something to consider,  you might consider trying a plant-based diet. In a recent study called DINE (Dietary Intervention for Chronic Diabetic Neuropathy Pain), people with Type 2 diabetes and neuropathy were assigned to either a low-fat, vegan (no animal products) diet with B12 supplements or B12 supplements alone (control group). The people following the vegan diet reported less pain and other neuropathy symptoms and improvements in A1C, cholesterol, and quality of life compared to the control group.

Alcohol may worsen neuropathy symptoms, such as numbness and pain. Drinking too much alcohol may also make it harder to control your blood sugar levels.

Supplements. Certain dietary supplements may be helpful for easing symptoms of neuropathy. For example, alpha-lipoic acid, an antioxidant, has been used in Europe for years to treat peripheral neuropathy. Fish oil supplements may help improve blood flow and reduce inflammation. Curcumin (found in the spice turmeric) and evening primrose oil are other supplements that may help.

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